BRON has the height exceptional bone, volume chest, rear end, and head. We work consistently to keep his weight down to what we consider a good working weight. On an average he weights between 180- 200 pounds. He is the corner stone of our breeding program appraised at 92.6%. Bron He is truly what you would call the son of Champions. He has now sired litters which you may find his offspring at any corner of the globe. His farther Whispering Creek Piston son of Electric Xena and Spitsvuur Xylo 2 appraised at 91.9%. Piston have won multiple confirmation competitions. His first win was best in class 6-12 month. He won first place in another show taking best in class for 12-18 month, he won junior champion, and Reserve grand champion @17 months. Brons’ mother Annabelle is a beautiful female appraised at 92.7%. She is the daughter of Spitsvuur Metaal 91.5% and Allens’s Virginias’s Qui Qui 93.3%


Notable pedigree, Spitsvuur Xilo 2, Spitsvuur Ramkat and Nostras Zulu who is on the top ranked Boerboel in the World and Legend


Thanking God for this young male. It was fate that we would have a one puppy litter and decided to keep him. We found it fitting to name him Camp Benning’s Solo. Not knowing we would lose Bron shortly thereafter we now realize he was a blessing in disguise. Just like his father he has the height exceptional bone, with improvements from his father he comes with a muscle volume chest, rear end, and head. His Confirmation is perfect. He took his eyes from his Mother Skylar and they are to die for. The sky is the limits for this young male. Solo is like no other Boerboel we have own this guy’s energy is through the roof. Just when we thought we seen it all he has shown us another lever of intelligence. Taking over the Corner Stone of Camp Bennning Boerboels breeding program we are now proud to introduce to you Solo Son of Bron.