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Skylar descends from a champion bloodline. She is the daughter of Estes Tank who appraised at 85.3% and Holland Ruby who appraised at 88.3%.  She has a wonderful temperament, a beautiful physique, with eyes to die for.  She has the agility and confidence of a true working dog.   To go along with her beautiful looks she is also very intelligent and has a loving personality. She does well with strangers once properly introduced.  At one year of age she weighed in between 125 and 130 pounds and appraised at 82.4%.  She has since matured into an above average size female with a solid weight of 160.5 pounds which sets her up for a much higher appraisal should we decide to do so in the future.. She has proven herself to be an awesome mother dedicated to her litter and producer of some very solid puppies.


Notable pedigree; Estes Maya (92.7%) Estes Saoirse (95.3%) Legendary Linjo Nikki (94.7%), Nostras Tyson (93.1%) Groot Kokkedoor (90.4%) 5 times “Best of Breed” 5 Western Cape Championships and his offspring Kasper Die Spook (93.9%)



Camp Benning Sheena.  Sheena was born October, 14 2018. Sheena belongs to one of our affiliates who share our philosophy of making great mating selections, objectively to improve the Boerboel breed health, temperament and standard. Sheena has an outstanding appraisal score of 91%.  She was a direct import from Zambia East Africa.  She is the daughter of Nthohadi Lady and was sired by Elevation Sampie.   Nthohadi Lady is an offspring of the notorious Groenberg Rambo.  Elevation Sampie is an offspring of the well-known Nostras Rocky. Currently breeding puppies expected spring estimate April 2020


Notable pedigree; Groenberg Rambo 92%, Linjo Nikki (94.7%) Nostras Rocky (91.1%) Kasper Die Spook (93.9%)



Fancy is the daughter of Bron and Skylar full of energy and athletic with all the personality you would ever want from a boerboel. She has the head and height of Bron her father with the sweet temperament ad color of her mother Skylar.  Her confirmation is excellent.  She is a for sure head turner everywhere she goes. We are excited to add her to our breeding program appraised with a score of 89.5. She is all Camp Benning Boerboel so we are extremely proud of her out come.  See both Bron and Skylar for any addition information about her pedigree



Camp Benning welcomes Laila : Daughter of   Diamondz in a Rough Appolo and our Sheena was born June 9, 2022. Both her parents are direct imports from Africa. She is extremely intelligent and is solid as a rock. She is certainly a promise to be a huge asset to our breeding program.

Notable pedigree: Groenberg Rambo 92%, Linjo Nikki (94.7%) Nostras Rocky (91.1%) Kasper Die Spook (93.9%)

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