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Welcome to the Camp Benning Boerboels website the home of the Ultimate Battle Buddy. Veteran own and operated we have been proudly breeding and training Boerboels since year 2012. We are located in Columbus, Georgia close to the United States Army Base Fort Benning.  “African originally developed these dogs to protect the family from the wild animals and savages of Africa and is sometimes referred to as the South African mastiff. The name Boerboel is Afrikaans for "farmer’s dog". A Boerboel must be athletic, big and strong, muscular with a fearless guard instinct”. (Source unknown)

Our Boerboels descend from champion’s bloodlines they are registered either with the South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS), the North American Boerboel Breeders Association (NABBA) or both.  Each of these organizations has the highest standards for the breed.  By using a unique scoring system that helps breeders improve the breed an appraisal score must be obtained requiring a dog to score above 75%. All of our dogs have exceeded this standard making them highly eligible for breeding.


Our dogs are more than breeding stock. They are members of our family. With this concept in mind we have formed The Camp Benning Boerboel Network which consists of Affiliate owners whose dogs are included in our breeding program. These owners shares our philosophy to produce the best bloodline possible committed to our buyer to provide you with a Boerboel puppy which is intact with the originality of the breed by making great mating selection, objectively to improve the Boerboel breed health, temperament and standard.


We breed on a small scale producing only one or two litters a year. We stay true to our values, which is simple Breed the Best with best creating the Ultimate Battle Buddy


We are members of the Columbus Kennel Club, North America Boerboel Breeder’s Association (NABBA), and South African Boerboel Breeders Society (SABBS).



SABBS Member Number 0674914

NABBA Member Number 20131506

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