Camp Benning welcomes Sheena.  Sheena was born October, 14 2018. Sheena belongs to one of our affiliates who share our philosophy of making great mating selections, objectively to improve the Boerboel breed health, temperament and standard. Sheena has an outstanding appraisal score of 91%.  She was a direct import from Zambia East Africa.  She is the daughter of Nthohadi Lady and was sired by Elevation Sampie.   Nthohadi Lady is an offspring of the notorious Groenberg Rambo.  Elevation Sampie is an offspring of the well-known Nostras Rocky. Currently breeding puppies expected spring estimate April 2020

Notable pedigree; Groenberg Rambo 92%, Linjo Nikki (94.7%) Nostras Rocky (91.1%) Kasper Die Spook (93.9%)